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The curse that is intelligence

I remember a time when all I would dream of is to be a “know-it-all”. Of course, now it sounds ridiculous, but not because of the obvious reasons that come to mind. In my journey to accomplish this long forsaken dream of mine I realized at one point that the more you know, the number of people able to comprehend you dwindle down to endangerment. Once a guy with immense amount of patience and sensitivity, I now find myself irked at even the smallest of instances or completely indifferent to some delicate ones. The first reaction owed to the rare, misnamed commodity called “common sense” growing rarer and unnecessary dramatization of small things by people lacking common sense responsible for the latter reaction.
It truly is a curse to be intelligent in this world. You reach an age where your parents ask you, “Found a girl yet?” And you reply by saying, “No Mom, I first want to land a good job, then I’ll think about it.” The fact is, you can’t find a girl that doesn’t stir up either of …


How can you control this force?
It resonates through every fibre of your body
Shakes your core and pulls you awake.
It's like an explosion of pure energy.You cant control it.
It owns you as it has owns every other thing.
All existence moves with its flow
As one divine creationGreater than any religion,
More intoxicating than any drug.
You suddenly feel like you are the world,
Just as the world is you.You can no more tell the known from unknown
As the music courses your body
Controlling it, convincing you to surrender.
You let go... Just as you sink in this sea of bliss...
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I want to love you, but I
Dont know what to tell you
When I try to look at the past
It looks like an endless expanse.I dont remember what it felt like
I dont remember the love nor the pain
I pushed so hard that I stumbled and fell.
Now I want to climb up but how can I
When I'm already up again.You say you'd do anything to make it work.
I feel sorry for you,
Because you said it with so much conviction.
But I dont know how to respondYou say you can do anything to get me back
I hope you can...
All I remember is a distant past when I felt
I was happy despite the pain
I was alive and I want to feel that again.You told me that I taught you so much,
Maybe I did it for a time like this.
A time When it would be me
Who would need to be taught again.
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It's like a force,
That breaks barriers between colours and lines
Between moral and immoral
Between the deaf, the distracted.
A force too powerful to be contained.All of us have it within us.
It becomes greater with unity
As the voices are joined by others
The wind, the earth the creation add to it.These words may contain the story
A story dead without the spirit
The spirit within all of us,
The spirit called music...
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I guess it's time for a change
But no way, there's no range.
As soon as u realize her
Everything is on fire
U gotta name a place
And you see there's no space
No more
Just the hint of the light forevermore
I'm making this rhyme as I'm drinkin
Spending life like I was thinking.
It gives me pain
To forgive you
Forget whatever's done by you
Now I have no shame to admit it
Looks like I'm finally losing it.
I used to believe in morals
And refrain from lust.
Leaving everything behind me
Like I used to trust.
Cuz trust is a trickery.
All it does is make a mockery,
Of you.
But looks like I'm stuck with you again.
Flashing back through all that pain again.
I yearn for someone who I could trust
But looks like it ain't gonna be enough.
I have to breath again
But this water's sinking me again.
And so I take another plunge in it
To rejuvinate
And help myself to that rotten cake
That's called life cuz
You aint breathing if u cant make it work.
But then aga…

Spatial Awareness... A hypothesis

Space... An intangible dimension which has the potential to be occupied by a body. It can be 2D/3D. To most people, whether they agree or not, it means a lot more than just some physical compartment. The surprising fact however, is that not many people realize it unless someone encroaches upon it. Even then it’s only the action of instinct and not understanding. When someone comes and sits too close to you, the degree of “too close” differs from person to person. The interesting aspect of this would be the source of this sense of personal space and the degree or its extent.To gain a better understanding, we can perhaps, speculate possibilities related to lifestyle, environment and etc. of the subject at various periods of his/her lifetime. Spending the childhood in an overpopulated area or having sufficient classroom space as a child can be guessed at as examples of influences on the degree of this personal space. Man being a social animal, the company may also matter. A boy may piggy…

The way we are...

The way we said our last goodbye
I don't remember seeing you cry.
To me, each second seemed like a year.
You didn't feel the same, but maybe I wasn't there.It took time but I found my feet.
I tried to reason why, but never could see.
You tried to talk and I turned away,
Pushing too hard and stumbling down darker waysAnd then it wasn't about you anymore.
I saw people around me who could take no more.
Building walls too high to scale,
Snatching my bricks, they pulled me awake.By then you had already given up.
Turns out, it was a good thing the jig was up.
After all we had been through,
You still let go so soon.Although each day feels like a fresh new start
It still feels like we were never meant to part
Yet, here we are now and I can do nought
But see how it turns out...
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