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Drunken Slumber

Love with an open heart,
Wounds and wonders combined.
Life will sever and drive apart
Revealing madness in the sanest minds

The darkness transforms into swerving shades
That come and go before they fade.
Figure lined up along the wall
Tempting, teasing , making you sprawl.

You give in. Trying to fill that hole.
The absence taunts you. Claws at your guts.
Birthing a new person in you.
It drives you insane

And yet you strive on.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
The cliche you pretend to have never heard.
And you walk barefeet on those nails.

You awaken and see the shroud
Being pulled over your eyes,
You remember those fires that you tried
Putting off with ice.

You scream and drive yourself crazy.
Shutting off all that noise that creaks like
A parasite.
Gnawing and scratching at you from the inside.

You fall asleep. Oblivious to the din.
Plunging in the darkness.
That comforting darkness,
And the silence you so crave...


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I don’t know what I am going to write… As usual. I am mostly confused whether I should talk to myself or to someone else. I have these urges of spending time with other people. But, at the same time there are barely any people I like spending time with. I over-think things, because that is the only way I can create enough noise to change my mood as soon as things get dark. That, and because I’m compulsively creative (for the same purpose). I am purely reflective. i.e. I am versatile to get into any role a person or situation demands. But this versatility is also damaging to my identity. I suffer from basic problems like not knowing what I like or dislike. I cannot do those, “Quick! Tell me what you want to do right now!” kind of games. While most people lose all layers and dig out their identity after that statement, I go blank. Because I do not want anything. I have no desires in life, nor aim, nor purpose. And hence, no ambition. I can pick up a piece of paper on the street because …

Rant 3

Labels scare the shit out of me. Since the time we are born we get stamped with labels. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaiah. Higher caste, lower caste. Small town, developed city. And the newer ones that always seem to offend someone or the other. LGBTQ and a few more obscure letters. A dozen different sexualities and a hundred different orientations formed from those sexualities. Feminists, menimists (apparently "menimists" hasn't caught on with the Google dictionary... I bet that will offend someone). What the hell happened​ to just being human? Or is the "man" in human offensive to some pseudo-feminists? Ooh! Another label!We pretend to unite for a cause by causing several more partitions. And what's more? We get offended by the mere sight of the opposing party. (I bet that offends the "neutral" or diplomatic population) We refuse to see and instead relate. Relate to our memories. Relate to our assumptions. Relate to our impulses, obsessions and emotio…

Into the Abyss

A zealous gust, feathers a-ruffling;
Eyes closed in silence, listening.
Whispers of life, yet far from realising
We're all but one, no matter where we're flying.Looking below, a depthless abyss.
Memories of the sun's soft, warm kiss...
We take the fall, drop into a glide and miss
Traps and thorns revealing nostalgic vivids...