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Rant 3

Labels scare the shit out of me. Since the time we are born we get stamped with labels. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaiah. Higher caste, lower caste. Small town, developed city. And the newer ones that always seem to offend someone or the other. LGBTQ and a few more obscure letters. A dozen different sexualities and a hundred different orientations formed from those sexualities. Feminists, menimists (apparently "menimists" hasn't caught on with the Google dictionary... I bet that will offend someone). What the hell happened​ to just being human? Or is the "man" in human offensive to some pseudo-feminists? Ooh! Another label!

We pretend to unite for a cause by causing several more partitions. And what's more? We get offended by the mere sight of the opposing party. (I bet that offends the "neutral" or diplomatic population) We refuse to see and instead relate. Relate to our memories. Relate to our assumptions. Relate to our impulses, obsessions and emotions.

We seek peace and seek to establish peace and travel the entire world searching for the way or the "truth". All the while assuming that it is something higher, divine, beyond our understanding. How can we attain the stars when we keep using the moon as a safety net?

When do we stop looking at the world through someone else's eyes? And mark this... You are not who you were a moment ago. Each minuscule instance adds to your memories, experience and knowledge. So what you see now becomes dangerous for you even if you see it from the eyes of who you were.

Remove names! Remove filters! See things for what they are! Appreciate them for what they are. How many of those names and labels were made and set by you? How many of the existing labels would come to you naturally if you chose to label them for your reference? It's not easy. But hey, it's not impossible. And once you start doing it, it's so addictive! You see the same thing over and over again, but it doesn't bore you. How can it, when you see it every time like you are seeing it for the first time?

Maybe this is too idealistic. But it is also necessary when we start using "reality" as a crutch for every shortcoming; for every vexation. Laughing at our insecurities may not always make them disappear. But it at least makes us more accepting; more open-minded and most importantly, gives us something to laugh about everyday, with everyone...


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