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The curse that is intelligence

I remember a time when all I would dream of is to be a “know-it-all”. Of course, now it sounds ridiculous, but not because of the obvious reasons that come to mind. In my journey to accomplish this long forsaken dream of mine I realized at one point that the more you know, the number of people able to comprehend you dwindle down to endangerment. Once a guy with immense amount of patience and sensitivity, I now find myself irked at even the smallest of instances or completely indifferent to some delicate ones. The first reaction owed to the rare, misnamed commodity called “common sense” growing rarer and unnecessary dramatization of small things by people lacking common sense responsible for the latter reaction.
It truly is a curse to be intelligent in this world. You reach an age where your parents ask you, “Found a girl yet?” And you reply by saying, “No Mom, I first want to land a good job, then I’ll think about it.” The fact is, you can’t find a girl that doesn’t stir up either of the aforementioned reactions no matter how hard you look. So, you believe and start acting on the lie that you have been telling your parents and start brainwashing yourself to act on it.
Thus begins the legendary path of the Job Hunter. It’s like tracking a tiger in the Melghat Tiger Reserve. You always see the tracks but you never see even a stripe of the elusive golden beast. We grow up with the notion that the more we learn, the more successful in life you will be. So we set on this journey from kindergarten, all the way to graduation, postgrad school and even doctorates and postdocs. The fundamental lesson you learn in this journey is that learning, education and degrees are mutually exclusive of each other. This world has shown us 12 year old millionaire entrepreneurs, billionaire college dropouts and on the other side of the spectrum, degree-holding auto rickshaw drivers and security guards. The simple world where common sense was at least perceivable, if not “common” has ceased to exist.
Logic and rationale no more run this world where businesses stop running on money and effective management but run on convenience and attitude. Good food becomes the new gold i.e. you need either lots of time or lots of money to get the prospects for the dig and people look at you as if you are crazy to think that your figurative pickaxe will actually strike a place with good food to serve. Well, I guess degrees can’t get you good food or even land you a decent job, but you do learn to write and get enough practise in doing so...
And so I come back to what a curse intelligence is...

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