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I guess it's time for a change
But no way, there's no range.
As soon as u realize her
Everything is on fire
U gotta name a place
And you see there's no space
No more
Just the hint of the light forevermore
I'm making this rhyme as I'm drinkin
Spending life like I was thinking.
It gives me pain
To forgive you
Forget whatever's done by you
Now I have no shame to admit it
Looks like I'm finally losing it.
I used to believe in morals
And refrain from lust.
Leaving everything behind me
Like I used to trust.
Cuz trust is a trickery.
All it does is make a mockery,
Of you.
But looks like I'm stuck with you again.
Flashing back through all that pain again.
I yearn for someone who I could trust
But looks like it ain't gonna be enough.
I have to breath again
But this water's sinking me again.
And so I take another plunge in it
To rejuvinate
And help myself to that rotten cake
That's called life cuz
You aint breathing if u cant make it work.
But then again is breathing just survival
Or is it work?
I remember what you said to me then,
Trust yourself and no one else.
I was naive and thought it was selfish,
But you showed me love and then took it away from me.
And I knew it was true.
Rhymes come in pain.
Even the funniest person
Has his pain which is greater than
Anyone else's
And this killer rhyme's got to have an ending.
We plan futures for our kids
Not realizing our future's still not finished.
So breathe in while you can
Cuz you cant anymore when you kick the can
I say can when it should have been bucket,
But the bucket's too large
And I feel insignificant.
I cant speak anymore I can just croak.
With all this drinking I yearn for a smoke.
These spirits just dont do it anymore.
Looks like I need something I've never tried before.
But these morals come binding me down.
With that last li'l hope
Of reminding me of my home.
So, I'm just gonna end it.
Looking for an end to forget it
And start all over again...

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Posted via Blogaway


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